High quality constructions and renovation services

Our Company

IC Reformas Obras y fachadas is a Building Contractors company always striving to offer tailor-made solutions to its customers. Based on its vast experience in public works and private projects, our team fully understands your needs and will search for the best solution for your renovation or restoration projects.

From planning approval to the completion of the project, ICR reformas will give you advice and deliver in a timely and cost-effective manner as agreed upfront. We uphold a strict control of our work in order to guarantee the highest standard of quality for all finishes.

About us

Jorge Burgos is a Public Works Engineer with more than 20 years experience in public and civil works. Before Setting up ICR Reformas, Jorge was in charge of the implementation of various projects in major construction enterprises such as COPCISA, CORSÁN-CORVIAM and DRGADOS Y CONSTRUCCIONES.

The experience gained in public works has given ICR reformas a different outlook on materials and cost reduction techniques. This experience has enabled us to complete with high quality, cost-effective solutions for private projects. Thanks to our wide range of suppliers, we can count on the best experts for each sceciality area.

ICD Reformas operates in the Garraf area (Sitges, Vilanova i la Geltrú and San Pere de Ribes), as well as in BArcelona and Tarragona.



Partial or entire renovation of houses, flats and premises

Facade Services

Abseiling specialist services for facade maintenance/restoration


Waterproofing of roofs, water tanks, garden planters


Cleaning and water-repellent treatments for buildings

Technical Inspections

Specialists in the detection, location and repair.

Saving solutions and Safety

Cost saving solutions and safety planning for buildings

Abseil vertical projects

On certain occasions, working with abseiling specialists can be highly cost-effective as the need for scaffolding can be avoided:

  • Restoration, waterproofing and cleaning of facades, gutters, drain pipes
  • Foam spray insulation with various types of foam, application of single layers and vertical techniques
  • Decorative facade stonework and masonry
  • Repair and reconstruction of stonework and ornaments
  • Exposed brickwork restoration · Wall cladding, rubber waterproofing and other coatings, water-repellent treatments
  • Mortar rendering, repairs and building work on facades, light wells and partitions
  • Crack repairs and joint sealing, quick projects (24h)
  • Stuccowork and plastering, lime mortar rendering, Venetian plastering
  • Building of foundations, structures, pillars, reinforced concrete application, prefabricated units, pavements
  • Balcony overhangs remodelling and repairs
  • Lintel repairs
  • Abseil window sealing from the facade
  • Abseil window replacement and cleaning

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